Monday, October 27, 2008

Too Sweet not to Post

I found this on my point and shoot. It doesn't take the clearest pictures, so most of them were blurry, but this was a treasure too sweet not to post. No prince like a Paw Paw. I love that she adores her grandparents like I did mine.

Costume Party

Today has been a photo fest on this blog! You will have to click "older posts" at the bottom to see all the posts from today, because it is more than one page worth! That being said, let's finish this up with a few of all three together.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Kaiden

Swift and Stealth

Does it get more ninja than this?

Ninja Moves

Ninja in Disguise as a Fire Fighter

Too Sweet to Ninja

The Queen and the Fire Fighter

I just love this picture of my kids. They had fallen down (Jon was trying to rescue her) and they both looked up with genuine smiles and laughter. I need to frame this one!!!

I'll save you, Queen!!!

No really - I can do this!

This kid is so cute. The cutest fire fighter ever. Notice a few things here: #1 There is one picture of Jon and a ton of Kaitlin. Who is the ham here??? #2 See the purple ear? He ran smack ear first into a giant pole last week. It swole up and turned blue and purple. Poor kid

Kait Rock's New Album Cover Photo Shoot

Queen B

It's all in the accessories - like pink boots!

Aunt Casie gave us this idea for a Halloween costume this year. "Queen B"

Here's the shirt we made. It worked so well because she is of course our very own Princess Kaitee Bee

After doing make up hair and costume

Cruella DeVille with lipstick on her teeth??? As I said when she was born - those are her daddy's big ol' lips;)

Looking way too old, but so beautiful. She looked like she was going to prom.

Getting ready for Fall Festival. Notice my giant orange earrings. I had on my candy corn shirt and my Juan Carlos (Jonathan Charles) original necklace.;)

Nothin' Better

My parents blessed us with a surprise visit this weekend to bring us my Mema's car to use while ours are out of commission and to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. Nothing better than parents is there? Maybe grandbabies snuggled up to their Paw Paw. I love this!

Cereal Necklace

Why We Love Mr. Williams

Since you can't see faces, I thought it would be ok to post this. I was lucky enough to have my P&S in my purse when this happened at school last week. How can you not be thankful for a teacher that smiles while he's at the bottom of a full on dog pile. Can I please add that the kid closest to his face had some serious snot goin' on. Thank you Mr. Williams for the way you love my boy. I am so grateful!

Treats at DQ

I haven't been keeping up with posting Kaiden pictures like I said I would for GG. But I know she is on her way home and will be checking for pictures of her sweetie tonight, so here we go...lets post a few.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The van blew up today (smoke and burnt smell). I also had a few other disappointments/frustrations. There are silver linings. I am counting my blessings. There are too many to count.
But it is one of those days where a friend called and said something so kind and it immediately made me blubber. You with me here?