Monday, April 28, 2008

I found $40 in the glove box that my parents had given us at Thanksgiving while I was looking for the warranty on the tires (which I found by a miracle). Maybe this week won't be so bad after all. God does provide - isn't he Awesome! And parents aren't so bad either:)

This is Blog Therapy.. Ramble and Whine - Then face the day

We both have finals next week. Charles has a major research paper going. I have one big project, a medium project and a couple of little projects due this week. GAs, GT (including the GT expo coming up), VBS planning, a flat tire this morning that threw everyone late and still isn't fixed, abstinence rehearsals nearly every night this week, because the performances are next week, our clean house is somehow a disaster again and I am still behind on laundry. There is still a hold on my records not allowing me to register for my classes this summer and next fall, b/c a certain university hasn't sent my transcript after 3 requests. I'm holding my breath that the dad gum transcript gets there today and I can register to get that load off my mind!
Zelda called and left me a message saying thank you for some books I sent to her - in full sentences. "Thank you for the books. They were good. I love you la la. Bye Bye." I listened to the message about 10 times and then I just burst into tears - literally sobbing, because I feel like I am missing out on so much with her and I miss them so much. It has been nearly a year since I've seen them. That is toooooooooooo looooong!
Do you know how happy two people are going to be come Wednesday of next week. Then Thursday family will start arriving for graduation! Graduation, Graduation, Graduation!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Logsdon School of Theology Graduate Student Achievement Award:

Charles __________

Awarded by the Logsdon School of Theology faculty to the outstanding graduate student who best reflects the ideals of Logsdon School of Theology. Considered to be the highest award for comprehensive achievement and all-around fitness for ministry.

Family Photos

Sweetie Kait

Pretty Smile

My little reader in the back seat.

Touching up the do

Pretty new dress from Nana

We love GG

Kait just gets sweeter and prettier everyday.


Gotta put the tie behind your back when you're eating. It just wouldn't do to get queso on the tie

Are we late?

Just like dad. How sweet is this!

Grandma is blurry in this picture, but I just love the boy in this picture.

Kaitlin mohawked his hair. It was so cute. We got lots of comments through the night.

This could needs to get recruited by catalogs and make tons of money as a model to pay for college. You've gotta love the two tie look he was sporting.

I Have So Much to Blog

Get ready for a lot of pictures today:) First, Sir Kaiden the Kutie!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kait's Slideshow

This is a powerpoint slideshow Kait made. Maybe you can at least tell a little about it here. The green squiggles are editing out personal info.


can click it to make it larger.

She Makes My Day

Yesterday Kaitlin was telling me about a project she will be doing for the GT expo. She said, "and they want me to make a poster that is all about me, and I said, My mom will help me so mine will be AWESOME. I'm so lucky to have a mom that takes time for me!" And then she said, "my teacher and I were bragging on you."

What a compliment!

Last night she made a power point presentation about frogs. I'm trying to figure out a way to post it. Here is the last page (edited to take out the name).

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mother Daughter Present

I came across this precious chapstick and had to snag it up. I bought another chapstick from this seller recently and loved it. I'm stashing this away until our girl's day this summer. Now I want to find a few other unique mother/daughter presents - maybe a Mom Loves Me shirt since she is about to be too old to want to wear them anymore! If you want to check out her home made chapsticks, here is her etsy store.

Just Today

1. Clean Jonathan's room
2. Clean this kitchen
3. Continue the laundry war
4. Finish math assignment and mail
5. Jonathan's Reading Lesson
6. Library Day for 1st Grade
7. Go order balloons for a friend having surgery
8. Widow supper with the deacons tonight
9. Rehearsal with the Abstinence group
10. Other adventures to be announced as the day progresses
11. Getting ready for Charles' grandparents to be here Wednesday for the awards ceremony Thursday. Only 2 more days:)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jonathan the Artist

Jonathan loves playing on Paint on the computer. This is one of his latest creations. What do you see?

Jonathan labeled this "Railroad Tracks and Telephone Poles".

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Little Horse

Meet Sassy


Jonathan could have spent all day there picking grass for the horses. He is my animal lover.

I love Kaitlin's expression here. Ah, the care free days of childhood. The feel good days of spring breezes.

You should see this little horse trot and jump around next to her mama. It is so precious.

Meet Sassafras ("Sassy"), my friend Connie's new miniature pony. It looks like Sassy is actually going to be a dwarf, and she is as precious as they come. After book fair today we went to get sno cones and then headed over to Connie's to see the new baby (she's a little over a week old). The kids had a blast feeding the ponies grass and jumping on the trampoline.

Book Fair Rocks

Teach a child to read and he/she can do anything, be anything and go anywhere! Early literacy is my passion! Children's books are my treasure! Book Fairs are the pot of gold at the end of a very imaginative rainbow!

Its been a great week at the Book Fair! I got so many great books! Here are Kaitlin and Jonathan in "Hollywood" which I helped to decorate for the "road trip". These are all the books I got this year. You can't even see them all in the picture. I love book fair!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Woo hooo - I made it through the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 tests (both a 96 oddly enough) and 2 projects turned in along with GT, GA, rehearsal, book fair and many other odds and ends. Yippee!
I have to register for Summer and Fall classes later this month. I will be very glad for a little break between this semester and Summer I. I am READY! I have 4 semesters left (if I go full force in the summers), then I will go one of two routes (choose your own adventure if you will)...I can do something like I Teach Texas to get my teacher certification (I am too far from the school for traditional student teaching) or I can go straight into my masters degree and get my teachers cert after that. Either way, I want to get my masters in one of two adventures....elementary ed focusing in early literacy or library science (I would love to be a librarian for an elementary school, and in Texas the latter degree is required.)

Pray for guidance in this school business. My degree is 127 hours. I already have about 130 and I still have 4 semesters to go - figure that out and you can see there are a lot of hard earned hours not counting for a hill of beans! I have 16 hours of spanish. I wish I could sell this stuff on ebay. 16 hours of unused college level spanish. I'll start the bid at $1000 to cover tuition, books, fees and hours studied! 16 hours of unused psychology including abnormal psych! I could go on, but now I am depressed!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Graduation Announcements

I'm trying to design a graduation announcement that I like. I happened to have my camera today and got a few shots, but Charles hasn't really felt like modeling for me(big surprise). Maybe I should get some feedback from my loyal blog stalkers? What do you want to see? I'm going to be mailing out like 50 of these.
Jonathan: "Mommy, do you know what my favorite things are? - Eating, snuggling and hanging out with you guys."
Mommy: "Oh, I love snuggling and hanging out with you too!" [Big Hugs]
"Kaitlin, what are three of your favorite things?"
Kaitlin: I-pod, Cake, and Presents (she is planning her birthday party and has decided she wants and i pod. Her birthday is in OCTOBER!).

Cowboy Charles

Hey there Good Lookin'!

Wow - Good lookin' and Better Lookin'!!!

If there was an Old West Charles - this is what he would look like;).

I took a few pictures today for Charles' graduation announcement. How cute is my hubby;)