Friday, July 26, 2013

I am so tired today!  Charles has been in New Jersey all week (thankfully headed home today) and Jack has woken up every night this week (for different reasons).  I decided to lay down on the couch just to close my eyes for a few minutes.  Jack climbed up beside me and decided  I looked like the perfect train track for his toy trains laying there on the couch as I was. 
First I tried being very still and pretending I was asleep hoping he would lose interest and start watching the show I was trying to trick him into watching.  I was just about to ask him to go play somewhere else and PLEASE let mommie rest when he looked right at me and said "Hey, it's me Jack."  I opened my eyes and looked at him and he said, "I love you and I love putting my arm around you."  He did put his arm around me for a brief moment before turning me back into a train track (mostly my face).  I just let him go.  Who can resist a line like that from such a cute kid?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Charles is in New Jersey this week at "Preacher Camp".  He seems to be getting some much needed recharging there.   I am very grateful that he has the chance to learn new things and recharge his batteries, but I am already ready for my husband to be back home!
Kaitlin is at dance camp again this week.  She has thrown herself into dance this summer and she is loving it.  I have enjoyed the chance to watch her dance here at home in the afternoons.  I miss the days of daily "shows" that Kaitlin put on.  Now it is a rare treat to see her "perform" for me! 
Jonathan and I have had a lot of reading time this week.  We read the Magician's Tower and now we are reading the 2nd Harry Potter.  I love snuggling up with a book together.  I know (from Kaitlin) that these time are limited, and I treasure them.  Jonathan has been working on Hey Joe (Hendrix) and I Will Enter His Gates (Worship song).  I love to hear him play.
I just got back from taking the boys for a walk.  Jack wanted to throw a few coins in the wishing well.  On the way back home, Jack put his arm around Jonathan and said, "you are the best brother in the world."  I love those boys.
This has been the first day this week without rain, so Jonathan is hoping for a quick beach trip this evening.  We'll see if I can manage it.

Here is an updated picture.  It has been a while since I have had my face in the blog world.

Monday, July 22, 2013

I have to admit it.  I miss blogging.  Facebook is such an easy way to let everyone know what is new with the Glidewells, but I can't go back and read it and look through pictures and the way I do on a blog.  I just spent some time looking through 2010, the year Jack was born.  A lot happened that year, and I loved looking through pictures and thoughts from that year.
I really need to find  a good website that turns blogs into books.  I have amazing and hilarious kids, I need to keep up with all they do!  So maybe I will start blogging again after  a 2 year break...