Friday, December 12, 2008

I was so sick over Thanksgiving that I didn't take many pictures at all. In fact, the only thing I captured was this - isn't this what the holidays are all about...playing old school N*nt*nd* with your whole family?

Last Week's Picture

Last week for family game night Charles taught the kids to make home made pretzels. They also made a gingerbread house that my dad sent them. Then we finally finished decorated the Christmas tree.
In the picture of Charles you can see a few of our ornaments which made me think of a lovely blog idea to start going around. What are some of your most special tree decorations.
Here are a few of mine off the top of my head:
We always put my wedding bouquet (made by my sister) on the tree. It was a single poinsettia.
We have a photo ornament with a picture of Jonathan the moment he was born that says Jonathan's first Christmas
We have 2 ornaments that were made in 03 (Jon's first Christmas) where each of the kids put their hand print around the ornament in white paint, and I turned their fingers into snowmen.
We put both of the kids first bibles (those little Bibles they get at dedications) on the tree (one is pink and one is blue)
We have so many that are priceless. I always tear up at least once during tree decorating - just from the sweet memories:)

Have you Missed Us?

I know I haven't even checked in for way too long. I have some pictures to post that I will try to get up today.
Jonathan has pneumonia - but not the terrible hospital kind - just the breathing treatments and steroids at home kind.
I have had inner ear trouble because of fluid in my ear.
Those are my excuses!

Here is some seriously blog worthy news!
Kaitlin went to her very first UIL contest yesterday. She place 1st in oral reading (poetry) and 5th in creative writing!!! She has worked so very hard and we are so proud of her!!!