Thursday, October 28, 2010

No sleep. That kid will be six months old in a week and a half and it's gotten worse - not better. Just pray about it.
Anyway, I've been using my sleeplessness as a very worthy excuse for not putting in those Z*mba DVDs my mom got me. Well even though my neck hurt and I was tired and grumpy - I did the cardio today. I am now dying, but happy about it. I wonder where I could find some of those toning sticks?
Bless my baby's fuzzy head (truly it sticks up like precious little bird feathers on top). Go to sleep you fuzzy headed baby. Go to sleep.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Can't Complain

Really - I can't complain.
There's a song that says, "I've got all I've waited for and I could not ask for more."
I get that.

I know it will sound strange to your ears, but Charles has recently said this to me on a regular basis, "I'm glad you aren't dead." Me too;)

Today was date day. Mondays always start off with going to DQ for coffee after we drop off the kids. Then we go to the assisted living home for drinks, snacks and visiting. When that was over, we went to the coffee shop/sandwich shop and let Jack play on a blanket with his books by the pumpkins while we had soup and sandwiches. I took pictures with my iphone, so maybe I can get them loaded up later. After that we strolled around the square and found a gift shop FULL of decorated Christmas trees. It was magical. Even Jack loved it. After that we strolled back to the coffee shop and had smoothies while Jack slept. Then we went to W*l-m*rt (not a super one) and looked at Christmas present ideas;) Then we headed home to pick up our wonderful children who are now beside me working hard on their homework. Mondays are always big homework days at our house.

Nana and Paw Paw Fast Visit

Kaitlin painting her pumpkin

Nana and Paw Paw found Jonathan a DINOSAUR pumpkin - I thought that was a pretty cool idea:) and he loved it.

Only the picture is upside down here...He had a baby JACK o lantern that the kids made for him

Dad cracks this kid UP!

So endearing - it's the only real word for it

Isn't this a treasure

Me and My Mommie:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This week's firsts:
First Big Tub Bath and First Teething Biscuit

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jack and Jack

Charles' grandparents came down on their way to Jack's 60th class reunion during the week of the birthday festivities.

Here's Baby Jack with his great grandfather, Jack.

I'm so glad to have this picture of him with his great grandparents. What a blessing.

Isn't this the most awesome picture!!! I love it!

Slumber Party (without slumber)

These images are not loading in order, so I'll try to sort it out...
After pizza (they easily devoured 2 pizzas and an entire bowl of chips and queso), getting hopped up on Dr. Pepper, basketball and kickball - it was time for the much anticipated SCAVENGER HUNT!!! This makes for the second annual birthday scavenger hunt, and both were really successful!
After all of this there were movies, a dance off, nail painting, dare games and NO SLEEP (well until after 3am)! They were all such troopers when it was time to get ready for Sunday School the next morning though. I just turned on the music and all the little zombies rose up from their spots in my living room floor.;)

Kickball - I don't think I got a picture of basketall

I CANNOT believe I got a CELL PHONE!!!

Kaitlin got this game at her party from one of her BFFs - It was such a hit. They played for an hour!

Here she is in her new birthday dress with her new bag and new bracelet and new cell phone looking too grown up. The child is wearing heels for cryin' out loud!

This is the end of the scavenger hunt. The box was RINGING!!! CELL PHONE!!!

End of the scavenger hunt

Read the first clue! On their way (all over town and the church and the house...10 clues of course)

Loved this group of kids!

Jack - enjoying the slumber party and his feet!

Party Games

Leis for everyone

Party Animal?

Pinata Treasures!

The Sunshine Pinata (which busted after the second hitter! - Don't mess with softball girls!) Charles made the pinata stick by the way.

Beach ball Kick Ball with the giant beach ball. She's running to base here.

Musical Beach Balls (There was Hawaiian music playing)

Limbo - an obvious Luau game. Charles made the tropical Limbo Pole here

The Lava Game! They only had four chairs for 9 girls and had to figure out how to get all the way across the fellowship hall before time ran out and the Lava GOT THEM!

Charles explaining the Lava Game

We made Hawaiian bookmarks

Giant beach ball - some of these games were improvised by the girls!

The Big 10-10-10 Celebration!

We spent an entire week decorating the fellowship hall for the Big TEN! You only turn 10 on 10-10-10 once. Kaitlin loved it when she could say "It's 10 days until I turn 10 on 10-10-10!"

The whole fellowship hall was decked out in Luau fashion including a very cool volcano (which was Charles' pet project for the week)
Parrot lights - obviously

The 10 Cake

The Snack Shack

The awesome banner

In this picture you can see the giant Tiki balloons, the craft table and eating table

Kaitlin loved these straws. They were a must from early in the planning...

Nana found these - tiny toothpicks with seashells. You'd have to really know K to understand the brilliance of these! She special requested her Daddy's sausage balls. He does make the best ever. They were GONE.

Coolest 10 Year Old EVAH! I adore this girl!
It did turn out really well:)

Kaitlin was impressed. This is the day before the party. Charles painted it and everything. We plan to reuse it for Jonathan's dinosaur party next month!

Such an awesome dad!

Kaitlin had guests bring canned goods for the food bank. Her goal was to collect 10 pounds of food!