Friday, August 31, 2007

This week in Fashion




Friday (the new cheer suit)

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I try to ask the kids things that they would need to know if we were seperated for any reason. Things a policeman would ask like: Where do you live? What's your name? How old are you? What's your mom's name? What's your dad's name? These things are important to know, right?
So this morning...

Mom: "Jonathan, Where do you live?"
Jon: "In Baptist Church, TX"

Monday, August 27, 2007

First Grade is Here

Here we are going into the school...

The Fish above her locker. This was apparantly the highlight...

Her teacher...

Backpack on and ready to go...

What time is it? Is it time to go?

Love from Mom...

All decked out in Strawberries!

With Dad at devotional time...

Kaitlin did great this morning. The class fish is right above her locker! She was very excited about that. Her teacher made sure to put the new girl in school right next to Kaitlin so that K could help her adjust to her new school. That really made me feel good, because she sees that Kaitlin is that sort of kid. Kaitlin was really glad to see all her friends again, and I only cried a little.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Day of School Eve

The outfit is hung by the mirror with care in hopes that First Grade soon will be here...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A few things

#1 - Kate's b-day is in October - I just plan ahead. Lol. Sorry for the confusion.

#2 - Went to training today - I start work Monday only I don't know exactly what age group I will be with.

#3 - has a fun 8 question personality test. I had to do it for this new job. The first time I took it (thinking about being a great employee and all, i guess) I got white knight. I took it a second time with Charles just for fun and I think I was a little more honest and got Dreaming Minstrel. Charles got Discoverer which fits him very well.

#4 - The other day we played an elaborate spy game here and at the church that I forgot to blog about. I did snag a few quick pictures while Charles and the kids searched for the bad guys on the roof. I can't even explain how much fun the kids had. I will say that at the end Charles was tied up on the volleyball court with a pillowcase on his head getting sprayed with a special melting spray! Needless to say he was only posing as a good agent, but really he was a robber!

#5 - As you can see in the picture Kate has gotten really into accessories. She can change her own earrings now and matches even to her pajamas. When we eat a snocone - she tries to match that. For example, yellow day...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Our little cat Orange Blossom died today. We aren't sure how except that he had a scratch on his nose this morning. He seemed fine, but since my sister first suggested it - I'm wondering if he could have been snake bitten. Here are a few pictures to remember him.
Poor kitten.:(

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Without a Doubt

Listen closely to what they say here. It's priceless (along with Kaitlin's face at the end).

My Little Rangers.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I am applying to work in an after school program that our town is starting. I don't have the job yet, but I am trying to work some things out in case I do.
The only day I am going to need childcare for my little man is Tuesdays (for about 4 hours). I am clueless what to pay for something like that. I want to make it worth their while, but not so much that it really hurts me paycheck wise. We need the money to help with things like braces, school, books....... You understand this scenario. (And Jessica S. you are an inspiration to me with all you do by the way).
So my question is - what do you pay for this type of childcare. If anyone knows - Help!
Also - thanks to those that responded when I was so nervous about my trip. It went very well - and I know you were praying! Thank you Thank you! Keep praying about this. I haven't really worked outside the home in 7 years. That's a while, folks. I'm a little nervous about this endeavour - or a lot nervous!

Girls Day

How did a boy bust into our girl's day??? Long story. Lol

Fajita Lover

Play Place Fun

Putt Putt Fun!

Jonathan is the only one to make a hole in one and he did it TWICE!

This is a dippin dots float - rootbeer with rainbow flavored ice cream!

When our balls touched - they sang "Merry Christmas"! Ha Ha. That is what Kaitlin said.

She gets these faces from her father! (sort of)

I love this picture!

She is holding up a #1 b/c she beat me at Air Hockey!

The week before school starts Kaitlin and I have a "Girl's Day"! We did this last year and it has quickly become a very important tradition. Today we went to the mall (partly to get her eyes checked and we don't need glasses), El Chico (per her request for chicken fajitas) and to play putt putt. We also visited Books a Million where she got a new Judy Moody book and Claire's where she got strawberry earrings to wear the first day of school.

The boys had to tag along some today, so we tried to stay at opposite ends of the mall and the putt putt course. I'm just thrilled that we were still able to go. I caught the nasty virus going around our house and was MISERABLE with it yesterday. I am still a weak kitten today. So far I have eaten toast and 1 tortilla. That beats the 5 crackers of yesterday though!

Here are a few pictures from the special day.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

i miss my sister:(

Friday, August 17, 2007

baptism day

My Movie Star Sister

For fun we did some movie star pictures while I was there.

My sister is a Hottie Movie Star! Check out a few that I liked. I'll try to post more later.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Last night we had frozen yogurt and watched 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Today we ate some fabulous Mexican food near Casie's work then strolled back. We are still here in her office. I"ve been reading Light in August, and taking a few moments to check in here.
Only one more actual day. It's gone by so quickly!!! Pray for me Thursday - flying and leaving Casie and Zelda:(
But of course yipee to seeing C, K and J who I've missed so much. K and J are feeling so much better. I hope they stay healthy and strong getting ready for school in 1 1/2 weeks. First grade here we come - prayers again!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Beach Lunch

Casie and I ate lunch on the beach today. The ocean was beautiful and the leftover coca-cola chicken was delicious! I've been reading Light in August while she works today. Has anyone else read that book? Want to share thoughts?
I talked to Kaitlin and she is feeling a little better. Poor Charles - with sick kids while I am gone. Anyway, I am hoping that they are both done with this virus and can begin to recuperate.
Beach pics coming when I get home...

Checking In

I have a few minutes here at my sisters work computer to post a short update! I'm having a great time here in CA.
Friday when I got here (after a terrible plane ride b/c I so much HATE flying) my sister handed me a dress to change speedy fast like a secret agent in the airport bathroom. Then we rushed off to a suprise tea at a place called the Guilded Rose tea room in LA. It was the cutest purple Victorian house (Kaitlin would have swooned!). The board inside said Welcome Lisa (since we had reservations) and we had the most wonderful tea called Once Upon a Tea which was chocolate and mint and enjoyed tiny sandwiches and scones and treats. It was fully lovely. Then we went shopping for a bit before we picked up my sweetie Zelda from daycare. When we went to pick her up she ran to me - which made me feel SUPER. She calls me "La La" - I LOVE that baby!!!
Saturday we did some touristy things like seeing the Hollywood sign and the tar pits and the Chineese Theater. My camera battery died! Gasp, but I had my small one and took a few little pictures. We drove around pretty much the whole day and saw things like Rodeo drive, melrose, etc. I also got to see William's studio - very cool. I can post pics of some of this when I get home. We ate at the Farmers Market which was fabulous.
Yesterday baby Z was baptized. I am so honored that I got to be here for that. Then last night we ate at Tim and Judy's - yum and fun!!!
Today I am at work with my sis - Love Her-mwah!
Ok - pray for my babies and babies are throwing up and Charles is trying to be super dad.
More later - computer needed.....

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane

I just wanted to make sure that you all know that I'm leaving for California tomorrow morning. I'll be back Thursday night. I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to blog while I'm gone, but expect tons of pictures upon my return.Feel free to pray away while I'm in the air:) and leave me some comment love to check when I get back;)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Princess K

I captured this today while Kaitlin was trying on the outfit she plans to wear for her Princess Birthday in a few months.

Of course it is minus the crown which we don't have yet and the hair is fake. Lol, but she looks like a real princess all the same!


Excuse the cheesy music (I am limited by copyright things). Here is a link to the slideshow of our family pictures.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Had to post this one!

I love my baby girl! I didn't get one with J or even of C and J. I always think of ones I should've gotten after the fact. I will treasure this one!