Monday, June 22, 2009

Kaitlin is LOVING drama camp. She will be Smee in their play, Peter Pan on Thursday. I can't wait!

Dinosaur Valley

Jonathan and I met my parents in Glen Rose for a mini-vacation this week. Kaitlin is still in drama camp, so she and Charles stayed behind. It turned out to be a dream vacation for Jonathan.
Thursday, after some hometown bbq we went to our cabin at Trickle Lake. I would recommend this place to anyone - it was fantastic. There was a hot tub in a screened in porch to the side of the cabin. Jonathan spent hours swimming it it over our three days there.
The main attraction was Dinosaur World. Go to my flicker to see pictures.
It has over 100 life size dinosaur statues. Jonathan just ran from one to the next. Then he got to dig for fossils. They let kids keep their favorite three fossils. Most of them are plants, but Jonathan did find several teeth, so he choose those for his 3 to keep. The gift shop there is a dinosaur land of its own - every kind of dino gift you can imagine. We got Jonathan a dinosaur lunch box for kindergarten. We got Kaitlin (who had requested souvenirs) a dinosaur mood ring and mood bracelet.
Friday we went to Dinosaur Valley State Park. Most of their best footprints and fossils are actually in a museum in NY, so we didn't spend much time there. After that (the weather was soooo nice) we went to the historic down town. We just popped in and out of shops and mini museums until lunch. We ate at a great little sandwich shop on the square.
We spent most of that afternoon in the hot tub drinking coke floats and "fishing" with some magnetic fish Jonathan found in town. There is a lake to fish in there - we just didn't do it this trip. We also watched baby birds (teeny tiny ones) and saw bunnies and raccoon and deer tracks.
Saturday was our last day, so we got up early, loaded the van up and headed to Fossil Rim. If you haven't been - you should go. It's 9 1/2 miles of African Animal safari. I got licked by a deer and scared by an ostrich - it was great;) There are pictures of that on my flicker as well. We all loved it. Luckily we had been advised to go as soon as they open, because when it gets hot the animals all go find shade and take a nap. They were very active while we were there. It took about three hours to go through the entire safari and petting zoo.
Then we were on our way back home. It was such a fantastic trip!!! I hope Jonathan remembers it for a looong time.