Sunday, July 29, 2007

Out of Touch

I may not be online much for the next few days. We are starting a mission week with our youth group, and we will be spending evenings sleeping on the fellowship hall (what sleep we actually get) and days doing mission projects in our community.
Keep us in your prayers this week as we attempt "Mission Possible" as we are calling it. Monday night I have an engagement session (weather permitting) and Wednesday afternoon I finally get my invisalign put on! I'm sure I'll be posting about those things ASAP.
Friday we have some exciting company coming in and I'm sure there will be many pictures and posts from that as well!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007


I finally got to see my first full arched ground to ground rainbow. Not only that but it was my first double rainbow. Two giant west Texas full rainbows one right on top of the other.

We were driving down the road and didn't stop. I just took this with my point and shoot with the window rolled down. You can't see the top rainbow (which was lighter). This was the best shot I got - the rest were blurry. West Texas has the best sky!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You've Got Cooties (or some other bug) and Science Camp

Another bug Kaitlin found. This one is really pretty.

Kaitlin's Vegetable Body. She made the brain.

Body Diagram that K worked on at science camp.

Kaitlin riding on the back of J's bike.

Kaitlin has cooties!

Cooties Everywhere!!!!

Sissy, I can't get you up the hill!

Can you identify this enourmous bug??? The kids found it outside. Large Bug!

Friday, July 20, 2007

New Pictures

It is so hard to get a picture of both of my kids at the same time! They are so rarely in a shot together. I took these tonight after a dad/kids football game.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Too Many Files

I'm sure it's hard to imagine, but I have got thousands of pictures on my computer. That is too many (ya think?) . So today I am starting the long process of getting some of those pictures put on discs or delted. Outta my way pictures - you are slowing me down.
You know it would be a lot easier to know if I had printed some of these if I ever put them in albums. I just throw them all in a basket thinking "someday". I am pretty sure that I would pay someone to put my pictures in albums. No scrapbooking - nothing fancy. I just hate to sit and put pictures in albums. I love looking through them though. Go figure.

Charles and Kaitlin are on a date today. They went out for pizza and then walked the mall until their movie started.

If you havn't gone to the photog blog lately, go check it out. There is even a slideshow link.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

6 weird things

Ok, I’ve been tagged for this twice now. I suppose I should do it.

6 weird things about me.

1. I am only afraid of spiders when they are near a bed or in my mail box (or other dark place I might stick my hand.) I can’t stand the thought of them crawling in mine or my kids ears while we sleep (hence the bed thing). The mail box thing is from experience – it was large and hairy and totally invaded my mail box space! I now shake out all my mail before fully grasping it.

2. I tend to see the world in small pieces like little pictures that my mind takes very quickly. Sometimes I even digitally enhance the little picture piece in my mind. So just know when I look at you, you may be 4X6ish. I also often think, “I’m going to blog this.” So my poor husband has started saying, “are you going to put this in your blog?” or if I take a picture he may say, “do not blog that.” I usually do anyway!

3. Charles has a nick name that he calls me that pretty much gets him his way every time. You may know it, but it wouldn’t work for you. It only has power on his lips. “Lisa Roo?” he begins…. “Yes, my beloved?” I reply (sort of). So far this power has not been abused. Ha Ha.
I don’t like talking on the phone. That is why God game us IM, e-mail and blogs! Lol.

5. I don’t like to cook. I’m a stay at home mom who doesn’t like to cook or clean. Yes, that might be a problem. It’s been 7 years – no one has starved or left the house naked. We’ll get through it! I also don’t like school, but hey – I haven’t quit.

6. It is really hard to think of 6 weird things! Oh, I frequently sing the entirely wrong words to songs. You know that “One Headlight” song – I thought it said, “One of these days” for the longest time. I pretty much start singing along the very first time I hear a song - who needs the real words when mine are so much more fun???

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sad Little Girl

Sassy the hermit crab died today. It was sad. We had a funeral and then went out for ice cream.

In happier news - Kaitlin started science (day) camp today and absolutly loved it. It lasts all week:)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Last Post For Now - Videos

Here are a few videos from the trip. I don't have room to post them all, but I hope you can view and enjoy these.

Goin' to the River

My Little Outlaw (This just screams WANTED)

The Glidanou Rock Band!

Jonathan's injury. We all had at least one along with our sunburns.

Lisa loves ice cream!

The Jackelope

What a couple~

Shinin' my shoes!

Zelda and La La (what she started calling me on this trip

Floating Down the River (the calm side).

My Parents

Cousins in Blue!

We had a blast tubing on the river with my parents! We also visited Pioneer Town!

Capitol Building

Kaitlin signing something very important. Although when she sat down she said, "Alright now, my royal subjects."

All of the door knobs and hinges look like this. Quite impressive.

My sister that I love.

Outside the capitol building

In the governor's office

Standing in the State Senate (I believe)

Inside the govenor's outer office (one of the special places we got to see).

Lonestar of Texas!

We got to go to our state's capitol building while we were in Austin. We even got to go on a special tour that not everyone gets to go on! It was very exciting. I'm sure the kids had no clue where they were - but I hope they understand one day. It was my first time to go, and I was very impressed. We also went to a great Texas History museum, but I'm going to run out of picture room here. While we were at the Texas History Museum, Jonathan said to his grandpa, " You know, I was just thinking to myself, 'Self why is that soldier standing like that?'" Too funny.

I'm Back

I am back from a week of vacation! Mmmmm it was nice. I'll be posting a ton of pictures and memories from the trip...more than you'd ever want to read probably. Next week is science camp for Kaitlin, the next week is VBS (which means that next week will be insane for the director a.k.a ME!), the next week is Mission Possible with the youth, the next week is the Howe visit, the next week is Charles' summer class and the next week is my trip to California. In all that I have two classes to finish! We are going to be insane people!
Get ready for pictures coming soon. I don't know that I can even narrow down favorites and about 80% of them are Zelda. Man, I miss that kid!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another One

I need to look back over the blog to get a count of snakes so far. Today Charles got one and lost 2. He's out looking for the bandits right now. Here are a few pictures of the very pregnant snake that he killed this afternoon along with it's rattler (I usually forget to take a picture of that). This one had seven.

I am sparing you the picture of the snake guts. Anyone ready to come visit? Notice you have not seen a picture of me with a snake. Let's hope you don't!