Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aunt Casie

Here is Casie taking the first bite of delicious deer meat!

This picture makes me laugh b/c Jack is only thinking of his spoon!

Here is one of the t-shirt necklaces Casie and Kait made

Casie and Kait. Kait is wearing the scarf they made from recycled t-shirts - so cute!!!

New scarf! One of a kind!

Friday, November 19, 2010

7 Years Old Today

At 4:10pm today, my Jonathan turned 7 years old!
I am so blessed by this child! What would I do without my Jonathan.
Tomorrow is his party, so there will be more pictures to follow:)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do you need a laugh

I've got to take one of Kaitlin and Jonathan too;) See what we do when they are at school. Jonathan is always wondering. I should show him this:)

A few more pictures

I really regret not getting someone to take a picture of me reading to the class. It was such a precious memory. I always enjoyed doing this with Kaitlin's classes, and of course last year I missed all Halloween festivities in the hospital. I didn't even know it was Halloween. I know my time of getting to read Froggy's Halloween and Room on the Broom to my children and their friends is limited. I treasure it. At least I will get to do it with Jack's classes (I hope).

Gearing up for Halloween

The night before the parties we were busy making home made caramel popcorn and vampire blood drinks. Of course the Halloween music (Little Shop of Horrors, Ghost Busters, Purple People Eater) was on and we were dancing in the kitchen - one of our favorite things to do!


Part of the costume parade

Kaitlin's class party

One of my favorite work day pictures

Jonathan's party

Trick or Treating at one of our favorite houses in town. Charles and Jack were Jack and the Beanstalk:):)

We Halloween'd until we couldn't Halloween anymore! Having Halloween on a Sunday makes for THREE full days of Halloween-ness!
Friday morning Charles and I got to go to Jonathan's class. We were there for the costume parade and then I got to read all sorts of Halloween books while Charles carved a pumpkin. We made some very precious memories and had a FANTASTIC time.
Friday afternoon was class Halloween parties for Kaitlin and Jonathan. Friday night we had Little Hammers before the football game and then Kaitlin had a sleepover where she and her friend Carley created new costumes for Saturday. They said, "everyone does Cinderella. We want to be original." So they were the evil stepsisters.
Saturday morning we had a church work day and lunch here at the church. Saturday afternoon we decorated for fall festival. Saturday evening we went to the assisted living home for trick or treating and then went to the big Fall Festival at the school (where we worked/played/cleaned up) until 10:00.
Sunday evening we trick or treated at church member houses (some of them would have been seriously dissappointed if we hadn't shown up!). The kids got BAGS of candy, and Kaitlin got to make yet another costume. Friday she was a teenage vampire, Saturday she was an evil step sister and Sunday she was a vampire that escaped from prison!