Saturday, June 30, 2007

If you don't have dial up...

You may want to see a more techno version of the slideshow here.

Charles and I went to see the new Die Hard movie last night. I really enjoyed it (and I'm not much of an action girl). It's actually PG-13! Sue watched the kids for us while we went out to eat, to a movie and to Starbucks for coffee. It was DELIGHTFUL!!!

We spotted this hat in Books A Million. If I only had eye liner in my purse -what a good lookin' pirate~

And then today was hair cut day. It did not go well. Is it worth the $15 to go let the proffessionals do it? He was only mad for a little while...........................

Woops - I'm so sorry honey. In my defense a fly kept flying in my ear and Charles kept moving b/c of the flies. Hot summer day hair cuts! What makes it funnier is that moments before Charles said, "remember how guys used to get those lines shaved in the side of their head?" I basically said, "oh yeah - wwwwwoooooooooopppp - gasp!"

Friday, June 29, 2007

And Even a Slideshow

Ld on the Roof!

Only if you know me can you appreciate what it took to get these pictures! Going up I did ok - coming down required repeated, "I've got you just lean forward! Come on I've got you!" and a scrape on my arm trying not to rip my shirt or pants on the shingles. Shirt by Casie, pants by Mom btw.
If you click on these pictures, a new screen will open up and you can see it bigger. (Mom, even you can do it!)

First Set of Roof Pictures

Since you love me......

I don't think there is anyone that reads this blog who doesn't love me unconditionally, so I am being very vulnerable here. Many of you precious dear folks have said that you never knew my teeth were crooked. For one thing - I would NEVER post a picture that showed my teeth. But for the sake of "before photos" here goes.

I can't wait to post the "after photo". I get my first set of invisalign in 30 days! I'm so excited!

These pictures were done today, because Charles is helping get some images for my website and blog. I'm trying to create "an image". Is this bait enough? Will you be back later to see what I got from our little session? I hope I get some good ones. (Didn't Charles do a good job? He takes direction very well).

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Few Tips

Here are a few things I have found to be wonderful lately:

1. Mary Kay Waterproof Mascara. This and lip gloss will make your summer! As if the very name of Mary Kay isn't enough - take my word for it and get some of this stuff. It's wonderful!

2. A Laptop Cleaner - I have searched for a way to get my filthy laptop screen clean. I was afraid of scratching or damaging the screen, so I was hesitant about a lot of things. This worked really well. Mix rubbing alcohol with DISTILLED water (apparantly tap water will leave spots from the minerals). Put your mixture (more alcohol than water) into a spray bottle on fine mist. Spray the screen and use an old t-shirt or other 100% cotton cloth to wipe down the screen in a circular motion. This has made my screen like new!

3. Listerine's Whitening Prebrush Rinse - I have been using this stuff for about a month now, and this week Charles has said several times, "Wow, your teeth are so white!" Now, I'll admit my teeth weren't terribly yellow to start with and the bottle says that it may take 12 weeks for results (that's my disclaimer). I noticed results in about two weeks (minor) and now they are really sparkling. It's worth using twice a day and much easier on sensitive gums than the trays of whitening stuff which I couldn't handle. I tried the ones that have to stay in all night once, and I had bad dreams about my teeth every night. I tried the 15 minute day set once and they turned my gums white. I've tried whitening toothpastes and my teeth don't feel clean. This mouthwash has also reduced the gum bleeding that I've had occassionaly. Listerine isn't paying me to say this. Lol.

Go From Your Room

I worked on Kaitlin's room last night. Since she has been out of school her bedroom has been atrocious! She cleans it (sort of) she wrecks it (over and over again). I finally grew tired of the mess and decided to clean it myself. Here's the catch. I cleaned it, but she is totally grounded FROM her room for four days. She cannot sleep in there; she cannot have any of her toys, books, jewlery, bows, get the idea. I bring one suit of clothes out per day. If she gets that set muddy, wet, etc (a regular occurance) she is stuck with that outfit for the entire day! If I find any of her toys, etc outside of her bedroom - I will put them up in the forbidden bedroom! She has to sleep with brother in his twin bed and deal with him kicking her all night. I'm hoping that gets old QUICK!
Also, after the room got clean I put her brand new bedding on her bed. She doesn't get to enjoy it for the next four days either! She still needs a bookshelf, but her room looks much better with the new comforter.
Also, I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that we are not where it is flooding. They are evacuating a town about two hours away from here, but it doesn't seem to be coming this way. I know many of you are hearing Abilene on the weather, but it isn't as bad as it seems there. I'll post if anything changes. If you live close to the floods - leave me a comment and let me know that you are ok!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just Another Day

Today I have just been catching up on laundry and working on VBS. Sue has been here the past two days so that she and Charles could finish up their Mark summer class. We've all been parked around the kitchen table typing away at our laptops. I got my english midterm turned in last night. Phew.
Charles saw another rattlesnake today, but this was the one that got away. It crawled under the mower storage trailer and we couldn't even gas it out. It was that snake's lucky day, I suppose. I hope he eats lots of mice!
Tonight I am going to be parked here again - this time working on abnormal psych.
By the way - welcome Grandma - new reader to the blog. I hope you enjoy keeping up with all the day to day happenings!
Happy Tuesday (and $1 burger night) to all!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Vote For Your Favorite


Which header set do you like best? Which individual pictures do you think best represent my work? Give me a little input. To vote for a set, just leave #1, #2, #3 or #4 with your comments! Thanks!

Go check out my photography blog for a great session with Sue. Be sure to show me some love in the comment area!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

3rd Place

We found out today that Charles placed 3rd in the non-motorized division of the parade. Whadya know about that?
Also, Chuckie the camera just started working again on his own. I thought maybe I should "fiddle" with it just to see and voila! That makes me a little nervous. I guess that's what they mean by back up camera.
School is still crazy - but family visiting time is coming near:) Yipee.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Two Feet

Kaitlin is spending the night with a friend tonight, so I went by to tell her goodnight before we came home. While I was there visiting, Kaitlin went and changed into the PJ's I had packed for her. The pants and sleeves were a good 6 inches too short! How did she get so big so fast! For instance, look at this picture taken yesterday before I took her to her friend's house (just cuz she looked so cute). She looks so much older now!
And by the way - this parenting thing only gets harder as they get older. (I hear some of you saying Amen or Duh - I can't tell which). More than ever I find myself questioning what I say to her, the time we have together, the effectivness of discipline, how to handle questions, where the heck the attitudes and moodswings come from............the list goes on. I also find myself in awe of the amazing, incredible, lovable, loving individual that she is becoming! She's an amazing kid! No doubt about it. (But is she really going to be 7 this fall?)

You know you're a redneck if....

You are in a centennial celebration parade and the name of your float is redneck hot tub! We had a horse trough in the back of a trailer filled with water and children and drove down the main street with Charles on his unicycle following us (as float 4 1/2). I wish you could have heard all the comments as C rode past. "Wow" "That is amazing" "How is he doing that" Then people who had missed it were utterly disappointed and wanted to be certain that he would be there for the Christmas parade! He's quite the celebraty let me tell you! Ha Ha! Jonathan spent the entire afternoon in the "hot tub". Loads of fun and pictures to boot!
Happy 100th!

I didn't get a great shot of C. I'm hoping someone else did. (Casie - can't wait to get your take on this whole event.)

Friday, June 22, 2007

That Ain't No Bull

Well, it's a little Bull - Bull Snake. Charles went to check the backyard for snakes before the kids went outside to play this afternoon and killed a 6 foot long bull snake. Here are the pictures to prove it!

So my husband is the greatest. Here are some reasons from today alone:

1. He bravely killed a rattlesnake.
2. He purchased the 4 year protection plan for my camera.
3. He killed a 6 foot long bull snake.
4. He bought me a point and shoot for mother's day so that I am not entirely cameraless right now!
5. He lets me take pictures and blog all of this!


Can You Say Heart Attack?

(Such bravery! Get him baby! Save us all!)
(Ouch! The Snake Hunter Strikes!)
(Please excuse my darling's silly face. Can he never be normal in pictures? Ha Ha)
So first the mini heart attack in this story (more just thankfulness that my children were not outside this morning)
Charles was on the phone with a church member discussing the upcoming youth trip when i hear him say, "call you back i've gotta kill a snake!" and sure enough a rattler was eeeking across the parking lot with two black birds following it. So he grabbed his hoe and smashed off his head! Being a city girl I of course ran to get my camera. I was thinking, I will blog this. My family will want to see my big strong man kill a rattle snake in his flip flops!
So, I take a few distant pictures (I'm not dumb) and in my camera I notice 2 black flecks! Oh no! My brand new lens (here comes the larger heart attack!) Is there something on my brand new very expensive wonderful lens? I gently clean it. I blow on it. I see nothing. What is this horrible cursed spot???? Then I realize - what if it isn't the lens and I scratch the lens in all this hullaballooo!!! So I put on another lens - black spot!!!! It's the camera! Then I try to take a picture, no autofocus! I try manual - no picture only ERR on the back. That means Error folks!

So, here are the blessings (because we must rejoice and be glad it in and today that is easier than some days). My children were not very "responsible" outside yesterday and lost their morning outside privileges - meaning that they were nowhere near the rattle snake! Also, my husband (who bought me the camera) was smart enough to purchase the 4 year warranty - which means that hopefully this camera loss will only be temporary, and as he pointed out - I have no appointments and the wedding isn't next weekend!

Sigh and take a breath! Here are some pictures. (The cameras dying words if you will). The pictures may not be pretty, but how could I not post the final testament of my dear camera. You know Charles just asked me the other day if my camera had a name. I said, "Chuck"! So good-bye Chuckie Camera. I have loved you dearly. You will be replaced!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Science Fun

We spent yesterday afternoon at the science museum in Lubbock. We went to Lubbock so that I could take my Abnormal Psych midterm (I think I did well - at least I hope the hours and hours of studying paid off). We had a great time. The picture of Kaitlin and me is from the Shadow Capture Room - we are making fancy shadows. The picture of Jonathan is when he made a big hot air balloon type thing rise up into the air. Charles and I are on an airplane that is clear so that you can see what happens in the wings when you steer. The kids also enjoyed the rock climbing wall as you can see. We also went to the museums OmniTheater (which is one of those dome shaped screens that goes around and above you). We saw a movie called the Alps. If you are afraid of heights (me for example) don't sit near the top and look down the mountain! That is a bad idea! (and I told my C so!)

We also stopped by the mall and made it to Gymboree's semi-annual 60% off sale. It's gymbucks time and between that and the sale - we made out like bandits! I was giddy!

I also hooked up my flash today and between the many many items on my to do list I hope to post a few try outs with it! What to photograph.....

I also found out that I have 90 hours toward my Bachelor Degree. That was encouraging! Hopefully I will have it by Dec 08 and then I can start my Masters Work. Woo Hoo. Is that a light I see?

The Ever Supportive Husband

I got one of my new lenses in the mail yesterday! I was so excited and couldn't wait to try it out, so the ever supportive Charles let me follow him to and from the mailbox. Of course he couldn't just smile - he had to make it an adventure! I promised to delte them since they were just practice pictures - but how could I delete this handsome face?So now I will be practicing on anyone who will let me to get use to my new equipment! Pictures anyone?

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Best Dad Ever

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day!
Charles ended his day with a backyard camp out. He and the kids went on a camp out/bear hunt while I stayed indoors and got some much needed uninterupted study time! Around midnight Jonathan came in because he was hot, so Charles and Kaitlin (the adventuresome duo) went up on the roof for an hour of star gazing (b/c where better to star gaze?) Charles and Kaitlin made their way indoors to warm beds around 6:30 this morning. I'm proud to report that neither were eaten by a coyote! (Jonathan was concerned!) Could there be a better dad? He's incredible, and I hope his Father's Day was the BEST!

This picture was taken around midnight when Charles called (from his cell phone) to ask me if I wanted to "go on an adventure." "What", I asked? "Come get the boy. He says he's too hot!" So of course - I had to bring my camera!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm Freaking Out!

I am in a major school crunch right now. How did this summer get so crammed full of scheduled events? People kept telling me that this would happen as the kids got older, but we've never been calendar fillers. Anyway, I think it would all be great and fun and terrific if I took school out of the picture, but I am surrounded by deadlines! I feel super overwhelmed right now, so say a prayer for me.(That was the whining part of this blog.)
Also, I'm going to be putting more rhinestone creations in my etsy store in the coming weeks to help fund my photography business. So check me out and spread the word.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Most of you know that Kaitlin has started acting classes this summer. She has begged us to do this since she was 2. Well, I set out to find her a theater shirt. Of course they make all sorts of shirts for music, dance, gymnastics, etc, but I couldn't find anything for a little girl who acts (and a "drama queen" shirt is out of the question).
So here is the iron on that I made for her. I may make it more elaborate in the future, but I found this pattern online, and thought it looked just right for a little girl.
Also, it occured to me that I may not be the only mom out there trying to find something like this, so I'm going to sell the pre-made iron-on on etsy for $4. Go here to purchase or to tell your friends. I don't normally advertise myself here, but I'm doing all I can to help pay for camera equipment! Thanks!

Fat White and Old!

You'd have to see it to believe it. Ha Ha Ha. Look what I learned today.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

creative discipline

If there is one thing we do not tolerate in our home it is lying. Over the last few years, we have tried a few ways to deter sneaking, lying, etc. One thing that proved very effective a few years ago was giving kaitlin a taste of black pepper - bitter and nasty - and talked about the bitter taste of lying. Then we gave her a cookie and talked about how sweet the truth is, etc.

Kaitlin has a chart for this summer where she gets to put a star for each book she reads. There are rewards at 25, 50, 75 and then 100 said "Surprise"! Tonight we caught her lying about finishing a book. I knew she couldn't have finished the book as quickly as she claimed, and she finally admitted it saying, "I was just so anxious to get to 100!" So, we had to come up with a logical consequence for what became an utter lie that she tried and tried to convince us of!
So here is what we came up with.

She was trying to get to 100 by cheating (basically) and what happens when you are trying to get somewhere and you go the wrong way??? Well, you don't get there. So she will not get the "Surprise" 100. She can still earn 75, but 100 is out of the question. Charles put a red mark over the number 100 and explained that sometimes when you do things, they are permanent, they cannot be changed. We explained that if you are trying to get to the store and you go the wrong way - you will not get to the store. She was trying to get to 100 and went the wrong get the idea here.

Her response? Well, I will just say that one day this girl will be a hormonal teenager and I am scared! She made a good list and a naughty list. Guess which list dad and I are on? I just hope it leaves an impression.

I have to insert a shout out to my friend Cari who helped encourage me in the direction of logical consequences early in my daughter's life. Thanks Cari!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


My dad is home and doing GREAT! I'll post again tomorrow to let you know how he is doing.
In the mean time - go check out my newest blog creation at Lisa dawn Galleries

My Dad Update

I just got a call (9:30) that my dad has made it through surgery and did very well. It is outpatient surgery (to remove his gallbladder) and he should be going home this afternoon. I'll post another update this afternoon when he is home and resting!
Thanks for praying!

Monday, June 11, 2007

We went swimming today. Notice how blue Kaitlin's lips are - and she was "not at all cold!" Aren't summers great!

My apron

There has been a lot of apron talk around the blog world lately. So, I am posting a picture of my apron (taking by my dh today). It says, "thank you God for those who help to grow and cook our food" which is part of one of my favorite childrens prayers. I ordered it (and had it personalized) a few years ago and had a red one w/ each of the kids names made as well. It's nothing fancy, but I love the pockets (which usually have a dish towel sticking out of them) and of course the verse since that is what I chose to put on it. The other feature that made me get it is the adjustable neck - voila and wonderful!

I invite you to share your aprons - especially those that were made or even worn by your grandmother, mother, aunt, or whatever! If you post yours, be sure to let me know so that I can come check it out!

The entire prayer goes like this:
"Thank you God for milk and bread and other things so good. Thank you God for those who help to grow and cook our food."

Sunday, June 10, 2007

School, etc

I am working on my "degree plan" today. Blech. I'm working toward my Bachelor of General Studies. Which basically means that after two more years(about) of hard work I'll have a degree that doesn't do much for me other than allow me to apply for grad school. Does that comment sound discouraging? It is to me! Charles has been in school since I've known him (minus the time out after Kaitlin was born). When he finishes in May of '08 he will have been in school (only counting in school time) longer than a Chiropractor goes to school - only I don't get free adjustments out of the deal! His degree takes 8 years counting undergrad. And get this people - he ain't finished! Yes, the man ( an apparant glutton for punishment) is going on to get his Phd! I can't even get through my measly little BS and he is already looking at Phd programs!
Right now I am just trying to get through Abnormal Psych. (Psychology is my minor) and I am taking my midterm this next week. It is more than obvious who the scholars are in our household. Charles and Kaitlin - keep up the great work. Jonathan and I will concentrate on colors and letter sounds and we'll read about dinosaurs and sea creatures and I will be content to plan meals and clean the house!
I'm not even sure what I want to be when I grow up? Top choice - elementary school librarian which requires (in Texas) a teaching certification and a library science degree. Second choice - kindergarten/first grade, etc. I would love to do photography as well, but as a side job/ministry.
I am the blue engine. I think I can! I think I can! I think I can! I will get up the hill! I will bring the toys and candy to the children on the other side! I will be successful! Chug Chug Chug!!! TOOT TOOT!!!!!! I hear the people cheering!
Now I must go study about gender reassignment surgery!
But first, is anyone out there looking to sell some previously loved SLR Canon camera equipment? There are a few things I am looking for including:
a 20d or 30d body
a 580ex flash
and a wide angle lens.
Who knows? Ebay is too high for me,and I'm too scared of what I will get. I'm willing to barter, although I don't know what I would exchange other than my usual photog barter.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer is Fun

We are enjoying summer so much. We have had about a million sno cones and even home made ice cream (made by a friend, not me). We've played at the park and outside every spare minute.
I am also doing some "deep cleaning" that I try to do twice a year. Stuff like cleaning out closets, getting those base boards clean, etc. It's going slowly though, b/c the great outdoors is so distracting, and I have no pending company to spur me on. Also, I am working on finishing this semester, so that slows me down as well. I am almost ready to take my midterm for abnormal psych and american lit.
Today I was actually in a picture that I didn't take myself, so I thought I'd post it. Ha Ha.
I hope you are all having a super summer! I love reading what you are all enjoying!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Painted Toast

My mom found a great idea in a magazine for painted toast. I woke the kids up for breakfast where they found paint, paintbrushes and bread. COOL MOM!!!
All it takes is 1/4 cup milk with 15 drops of food coloring (per color) and a few paintbrushes. Then let your kiddo paint their bread as much as they want and pop it in the toaster. Then they get to eat their yummy design. My kids actually ate dry toast this morning. It was really fun and worked very well. Also, you can paint both sides of the bread. We even painted our bread for lunch and had PB&J's on toast!

Also, it has come to my attention that some of you don't know about bloglines. It's a great site where you can check on all the blogs you watch at once to see if any have new updates. Trust me - you will LOVE this site if you are a blog follower. It saves a lot of time!

Van news - they did not replace the transmission. They just did some work on it and we now have it back. I know this sounds terribly pessimistic, but I'm a little nervous about this patch job. We are taking our youth group to Dallas at the end of this month. A broken down van full of youth in the middle of downtown Dallas???? Scarey thought. I will try to be positive. Ha ha.

Lastly, we are doing some ocean things this week. My friend Erin (a wonderful super teacher) recommended the book "One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab" to us and it is a must read, must get counting book! Put it on your list!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Those pictures

I forgot to add the pictures. These are mostly from before the water fight. I noticed they were both wearing blue and yellow, so obviously I had to get my camera. Does anyone else notice how TALL my children are getting?