Thursday, September 30, 2010


Jack is absolutely in love with his feet! He thinks they are fascinating and delicious! He wonders why we never told him about those wonderful things! He spends all his days folded in half snuggling with them and eating them!

Mud Football

When it rains...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have a big rubbermaid box full of pictures from 2004-2008. Then I haven't had pictures printed (other than our annual calendar) since 2008 (like mid-2008)! It's terrible! All our memories! I TAKE a MILLION pictures - but then I don't DO ANYTHING with them!
Granted, I blog - I post them online. I send pictures to Nana and Paw Paw. I just don't print/album them for US!
Well tonight I finally finished putting together a photo book of 2009 online. That's at least one year that is organized in some way. Now if I can do that with 08 and 2010?
It is a daunting task!
tsk tsk

My Boys Are So Cute

Feeling Old

I'm feeling old today.
Taking coumadin and learning about stroke education makes me feel old.
Having high cholesterol makes me feel old.
Loosing my hair and finding a bald spot make me feel old.
Needing to go to the chiropractor because my old hip is acting up makes me feel old (it just acts up since I had all the problems with my legs last year.)
Needing coffee to become a real live person in the morning makes me feel old.

I have a husband who is a kid at heart and rides by on a skate board and whistles at me and tells me I'm sexy today.
I have a daughter who still wants me to get in the floor and paint fingernails and talk about school and boys and "the future".
I have a son who wants me to throw the football with him in the back yard and loves when I run and tickle him to the ground!
I have another son who wants to be lugged around all the time and loves to be held high in the air and brought down again for lots of kisses - that's got to improve these jiggly arms, right?

Also - I saw two of the most amazing butterflies blowing around in the fall breeze today(it IS officially the first day of my favorite season today). And Charles is already in the Christmas spirit. Yesterday I caught him looking at trains to go around a Christmas tree (which he has always always wanted). Can you imagine Jack - right at 8 months old on Christmas Day and a TRAIN! Ha Ha. Charles is already planning presents and putting in Christmas music in the van.

I'm not quite to Christmas yet - In less that three weeks I have a very special 10-10-10 party to put on! How am I ever going to be ready for it???

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

vampire teeth in the bathtub

  • I started my day off with a moan. Jack was up at midnight, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00! I had to get up early to turn Kaitlin into a Rock Star and Jonathan into a firefighter for school.
  • Kaitlin thought her eyeliner looked weird - redo.
  • Kaitlin forgot her recorder and Jonathan forgot his backpack. (which I couldn't bring to them)
  • Charles got a call at 7:00 - a church member in ICU 2 hours away and another church member's son broke his leg: he was off before the sun was all the way up.
  • Today I changed seven poopy diapers - including one that went all the way up Jack's back and down his legs
  • I took Jonathan to piano, took Kaitlin to the park for a Mommy Daughter talk and headed home to get supper (which I had put together earlier in the day) into the oven.
  • Then I spent an hour helping Kaitlin make an old pair of jeans into "hippy pants" for tomorrow and then another half hour making tiny braids and dying her hair.
  • Today I have given 2 practice spelling tests, listened to AR books, helped with a social studies crossword puzzle, helped spell roughly one million words, practiced music notes with Jonathan (which I am learning along with him)
  • I have prunes all over my good white shirt and an outfit covered in poop in the laundry room sink
  • My music station is set to the Sesame Street channel
  • When I went to take my shower today there were wet towels in the floor and vampire teeth in the tub!
  • I tripped over markers in the living room.
  • I have to hide my pudding cups or the children will eat them all!
  • After Charles got home from the hospital, he kissed me and left again for a church association meeting and he still isn't home
  • There are dirty dishes in the sink that I'm too tired to do and a week's worth of laundry.
  • Tomorrow is See You At the Pole which means another early early morning following what will certainly be a very long night!
You know what - I don't want to forget this stuff! I love my life! I love vampire teeth in the tub and prunes on my shirt. I love grins on the changing table after a night of torture. I love the hug Kaitlin gave me when she told me how much she LOVED her pants. I loved seeing my little firefighter go into school in his bright yellow helmet this morning. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this season of my life. I love crazy days like this where I'm so busy being a Mom that my house doesn't get touched even though it is a wreck! I love going to bed knowing that my children know how much they are loved. I love snuggling up to my husband and praying that the baby lets us sleep (even though he never does!)
I can clean house tomorrow - Maybe!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sitting Up!!!!

Prayer at the Lunch Table

Jonathan so often takes me by surprise. Today he told me that he has started leading prayer at his lunch table. This little first grade guy asked the "guys" that he sits with at lunch if they'd like to start praying before they eat. He said only 2 others wanted to, but they have been doing it for a few days now. He said one of the lunch monitors noticed and said, "I like that you pray before you eat." Way to stand out for Christ, Jon!
He said, "I also told them the story of how Jesus went on the cross. I might also tell them about the red sea."
A friend's son drew a picture of our Savior on the cross and told her she should post it on facebook - which she did (and blessed me very much). No wonder we are to come to Him like a child. I feel like I am learning more and more what that means.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

One more month...

One month from today - Kaitlin will be in double digits!
10 on 10-10-10!


I love the way Jack sleeps - with his little booty up in the air and his hands under his tummy.
I love the way he laughs when his daddy tickles him.
I love the way he has started kissing back when I give him a million kisses on his face.
I love the way he coos and smiles.
I love the way he makes peoples day at the store and in restraunts and at the hospital because he is so excited to see them.
I love the way he sits in my lap and looks at picture books with such enthusiasm and that he is learning to grab the pages.
I love the way he lights up when he sees his big brother and sister.
I love the way he holds on to my shirt when he eats.
I love the way he looks at me and coos loudly to get my attention.
I love the way he gets mesmerized by Charlie Brown.
I love the way he enjoys his food and gets excited when we put him in the high chair.
I love love love love love his grin!
I love that he looks so much like his wonderful, adorable daddy!
I love beautiful blue eyes.
I love the way he holds my hair to sleep but that we can also lay him down to sleep.
I love that he is my little miracle and that I get to stay home with him and enjoy him SO much each and every day!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

500th Post

I noticed as I was about to start this blog entry that this is my
500th POST!!!!
And what better to do on my 500th post than to add a little more bragging.

Charles entered his screenplay into the Austin Film Festival along with 4400 other entries. His screenplay made it into the top 10% before being eliminated. Reaching that level entitles him to receive "reader's notes" in October.

This is a HUGE deal and I couldn't be more proud!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So Beautiful

I can't wait until we get a chance to do family pictures:)

Bragging Rights

The other day while Kaitlin was at a sleepover and Jack was napping, Jonathan and I had some special time together. We shot the BB Gun and went for a walk in the cotton fields where we sang all of our favorite hymns (loudly). While Jonathan was shooting I was telling him what an Awesome shooter he was and he said, "well, I just don't like to brag because I know some people can shoot better than me."
Well - I hate to brag, BUT its hard not to with a husband and children like mine.
Charles - Charles will be teaching at the A Heart for Teaching conference at Logsdon on Monday. He will be presenting a discussion on the importance of Dialogue in the Church. I am so proud of all that he has accomplished this year - including this conference. Also he is four chapters away from finishing his novel - which I am reading to the kids in the evenings a chapter at a time (they are loving it.
Kaitlin - my fourth grader! She's beautiful, funny, sweet and just an all around cool kid! Reading on an 8th grade level and falling asleep studying multiplication facts (literally at her desk in her room).
Jonathan - This hilarious cutie is still playing piano (starting back to lessons today), has a top loose tooth, and he's reading chapter books on a 2nd and 3rd grade level
Jack - ROLLING OVER and growing so much I can hardly keep up. I don't know if this little guy could get ANY cuter (and he looks JUST like his Daddy!)