Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jonathan enters the double digits

My oldest son will be ten on Tuesday.  I just can't seem to believe it.  It shouldn't come as a surprise.  He has gotten so tall and believe it or not his voice is already getting deeper.  He is so handsome and kind and an amazing guitar player.  And the thing I am most thankful for right now - he is still my snuggler.  Thank goodness for Harry Potter books.  He will snuggle up next to me and let me read to him for an hour or more when we have a chance.
Jonathan at 10 years old:
He LOVES guitar.  Guitar is just his thing.  He wakes up in the morning and plays guitar.  He loves his lessons.  He loves to look at guitars.  Dream about guitars.  And he can really wail on that thing.  He amazes me. He got his first electric guitar for his birthday last year, so he has only been playing for a year - only taking real lessons since June.  He is AMAZING!
Jonathan is kind.  This has always been one of his best qualities.  He cares about others.  He still worries a little too much, but his heart is so compassionate that he can't stop himself.
Jonathan is silly.  My favorite joke that he tells is "two drums and a cymbal fall down the stairs. Bud um bum."  His smile will melt your heart.
Jonathan is shy.  He has always been very shy, but you wouldn't believe how he has come out of his shell in the last year.  And if he is behind his guitar - you'd never know he had a shy bone in his body.
Jonathan is an amazing brother.  Kaitlin and Jonathan are really lucky to have this kid.  I wonder if they realize it?

As he turns ten  - what are my prayers for Jonathan?
I pray that God makes his faith his own - that he will begin to own his faith independently.
I pray that God claims his heart in a very tangible and unshakable way.
I pray that God shows Jon how to use his gifts for His glory (music, compassion, leadership).
I pray that he will learn to practice peace and hand worry over to God.
I pray that he will learn how to be assertive in a godly way (it's very easy to walk all over this young man).
I pray that I will be the mother he needs when he needs me and that I will be able to let go when he needs me to let go.

Thank you God for the blessing of Jonathan in our lives.  Wow!  

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Teenager Thursday

Every time I look back at old blogs I wish I blogged more. 
Life is so good right now. 
Thursday I will have a teenager!  A real live thirteen year old girl living right here in my house!

She is so happy right now - dancing four days a week.  Having a great time in seventh grade.  Gorgeous.  Best big sister in the world. 

She is planning a trip to a haunted amusement park with her friends for her thirteenth followed by a sleepover.  Should be a lot of fun!  She also has a big surprise that will be waiting in the back yard for her when she gets home from dance Thursday night - a TRAMPOLINE!  Can't wait for her to see!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Poem by Kaitlin


I’m  from  my favorite grey stuffie Winks the elephant to colorful aeropostale clothes.

I’m from soft brown carpets to hardwood floors.

I’m from the many flowers that were lost to the heat,
From the beautiful sweet smelling flowers of NH.

I’m from mud fights and food fights to all I want for my birthday is lipgloss!

I’m from my loud talkative family to delectable taco soup.

I’m from exciting vacations in California, to swimming in Maine.

I’m from Nacogdoches, TX to my English and Cherokee heritage.

I’m from I love you more than the moon and stars to go get’ em!

From Uncle William slamming his head into a metal bird house to my dad saving the church when the fire was coming.

I’m  from damaging fires and terrifying tornadoes to windy hurricanes and huge snowstorms.

I’m from beautiful memories in old boxes under beds and in closets the memories that tell my story and are the stars of my sky. :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

I am so tired today!  Charles has been in New Jersey all week (thankfully headed home today) and Jack has woken up every night this week (for different reasons).  I decided to lay down on the couch just to close my eyes for a few minutes.  Jack climbed up beside me and decided  I looked like the perfect train track for his toy trains laying there on the couch as I was. 
First I tried being very still and pretending I was asleep hoping he would lose interest and start watching the show I was trying to trick him into watching.  I was just about to ask him to go play somewhere else and PLEASE let mommie rest when he looked right at me and said "Hey, it's me Jack."  I opened my eyes and looked at him and he said, "I love you and I love putting my arm around you."  He did put his arm around me for a brief moment before turning me back into a train track (mostly my face).  I just let him go.  Who can resist a line like that from such a cute kid?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Charles is in New Jersey this week at "Preacher Camp".  He seems to be getting some much needed recharging there.   I am very grateful that he has the chance to learn new things and recharge his batteries, but I am already ready for my husband to be back home!
Kaitlin is at dance camp again this week.  She has thrown herself into dance this summer and she is loving it.  I have enjoyed the chance to watch her dance here at home in the afternoons.  I miss the days of daily "shows" that Kaitlin put on.  Now it is a rare treat to see her "perform" for me! 
Jonathan and I have had a lot of reading time this week.  We read the Magician's Tower and now we are reading the 2nd Harry Potter.  I love snuggling up with a book together.  I know (from Kaitlin) that these time are limited, and I treasure them.  Jonathan has been working on Hey Joe (Hendrix) and I Will Enter His Gates (Worship song).  I love to hear him play.
I just got back from taking the boys for a walk.  Jack wanted to throw a few coins in the wishing well.  On the way back home, Jack put his arm around Jonathan and said, "you are the best brother in the world."  I love those boys.
This has been the first day this week without rain, so Jonathan is hoping for a quick beach trip this evening.  We'll see if I can manage it.

Here is an updated picture.  It has been a while since I have had my face in the blog world.

Monday, July 22, 2013

I have to admit it.  I miss blogging.  Facebook is such an easy way to let everyone know what is new with the Glidewells, but I can't go back and read it and look through pictures and the way I do on a blog.  I just spent some time looking through 2010, the year Jack was born.  A lot happened that year, and I loved looking through pictures and thoughts from that year.
I really need to find  a good website that turns blogs into books.  I have amazing and hilarious kids, I need to keep up with all they do!  So maybe I will start blogging again after  a 2 year break...