Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And the Glasses

My sister is having a GIRL and her name will be
Lucille Dawn.
I couldn't be more honored and excited. Isn't that the sweetest name? I did cartwheels all night after I found out. :)
The new Ld will be here in December:)
Now I must find something pink that I can personalize:)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well, I took the kids for their annual eye exam today.
Dr. - Are they having any problems that caused you to bring them in.
Me - I have -8.75
Dr. - Woah! Let's check them out.

Later the Dr said, "Well, the only thing they have against them is that you are their mother." (I don't think that came out right). He followed with, "I'm sure there are some pros to that as well. (I hope so). Turns out there is a good chance K will be as blind as her mama (again - my mini me). The doctor expects her eyes to get progressively worse as mine did. Jonathan has a slight stigmatism, but it could correct itself - no worries for now. (Hope at least one of 'em gets their Daddy's 20/20).

For now, Kaitlin is pumped that she gets glasses. We are going to scout out frames tomorrow. I was too exhausted and ready to get home today. I'm sure it will be a while before they are in, but we will post pics when she gets them.

Next Thursday (week from today) we are going to pick up our nephew, Nathan for a 2 week visit. All who have been keeping up with this saga know that things aren't going very well on that front (I don't generally post anything too specific for obvious reasons.) Please pray for all involved and that he will experience a loving Christian home during his time here. I pray for him to experience peace here and in our church and know that it is a peace that is a fruit of the Spirit that can ONLY come from the Spirit of our savior. Pray for Charles and I (and the kids) to remain united in mind and spirit over the coming weeks. We are in a mentally exhausting season of life and boy does it make the fuses shorter!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Like Dad?

Ask my daughter who she looks like - she will tell you "My daddy!"
A few mornings ago while I was getting her ready I called her my mini me.
"No, I look just like my daddy."
Well, I wish I had put on a little lipstick first, but I had Charles take these to prove a point.
I have to admit - there is a lot of Charles in that child - but she can no longer deny her Mom!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Joy of my little girl

I am so far behind on blogging. We had a great week last week. Kaitlin has been going to GT camp studying ancient Egypt. I was able to spend several mornings last week sipping lattes at the college coffee shop, reading Breaking Free by Beth Moore (finally) and crocheting a blanket for my sister's baby (coming in December) by the duck pond under a lovely shade tree! How nice is that. I have some lovely insights on peace that I hope to write a separate blog about when I have the time.
Thursday after camp (which gets out about 12:15 every day), Kaitlin and I had lunch together at the coffee shop. My little mini-me had a chocolate coffee ice drink with a turkey wrap with cucumber and alfalfa sprouts;) Then she wanted to go clothes shopping for fun. I asked her if she was actually old enough to want to do that for fun - she said, "yes." That's too old. We had such a good time together. But I have to say, my favorite part of it was looking across at my big seven year old at the coffee shop and realizing, "you know - I've always thought this kids was pretty amazing, but I just love who she is becoming." She is simply a joy to be with, and I truly treasure her so much.
As I was blogging this touching moment - Kaitlin came up to me with a WAD of gum stuck in her hair. Apparently it flew out of Jon's mouth - right into her hair and in an attempt to get it out herself - it got seriously stuck. I am pleased to say that it was at the bottom and that I was planning on getting her a trim in the next few weeks, but there is now a slight hunk missing from her long blond locks!
She is in the process of planning her birthday party. She has always planned her parties waaaaay in advance. I have probably blogged before about the way she started planning her 3 year old party the week of her 2 year old party and has continued that tradition since. Every other year has been easy to plan, but this year's theme is trickier (to me). FROGS - her love. Turquoise frogs. I am thinking of making it a sundae party with a candy buffet - sugar high party? Maybe leap frog and potato sack races (hopping) and we could resurrect the kiss the frog game? Has anyone ever thrown a girls frog party? Also, I think it just gets harder as girls get older.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Casie and Lisa dawn

My mom and Dad on their 19th wedding anniversary

Jonathan on the tractor

Kaitlin and Zelda

Zella Roo

CLKJ - Charles, Lisa dawn, Kaitlin and Jonathan

Here are a few pictures from our recent vacation. We used my sister's camera more than mine this trip, so hopefully she'll post soon and I can put some of those up. I'd like to make a photobook like last year.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The other day I was talking to a friend about instincts. Jonathan leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Did you say end stinks? My end stinks too sometimes."

We took our youth group to S*x Fl*gs yesterday. Kaitlin got one of her headaches after a "stressful" ride and ended up with fever by the time we made it home. Jonathan got a major case of tummy explosion and was completely miserable! He is doing better today, but Kaitlin seems to have the fever virus Jon had last week. I hope everyone is well when we leave Friday. We are going to the chiropractor today (much over due). They are forecasting rain during our time at the river. I'm hoping that means it will be cooler, but not so rainy that we can't go out on the river.

Here's hoping I can get lots of laundry, packing and house work done today and that no one else gets tummy explosion or fever.