Friday, June 25, 2010

7 weeks old today - I feel so blessed!

I haven't blogged much, but I will use the same excuse I use for everything right now "I just had a baby!"

We are enjoying every minute of baby Jack - and by "we" I mean every one of us. This poor kid is already getting ROTTEN. He has someone ready to pick him up or sing to him or talk to him the second he opens his eyes. I don't know what he will think when the kids go back to school and it's just boring old mom every time he wakes up!

He is still waking up every 3 hours around the clock (better than 2 hours like it was) - even at night which is slowly starting to make me a crazy person. I feel so sleep deprived some days - I just want 4-6 straight hours of sleep! Other than the sleep thing, he is doing great. He's already in 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers!!! That is insane - especially considering that he was such a teeny tiny newborn. Boy has he caught up - which explains the steady eating that boy requires.
He is so beautiful and happy and a true joy.

The big kids are having a great summer as well. Today Kaitlin made a recipe from the Rachael Ray kids cookbook - pizza quesadillas. Jonathan made chocolate chip milk shakes for dessert. They both love being in the kitchen. Last week Kaitlin made scrambled eggs entirely by herself (with close supervision by dad of course). Jonathan is reading up a storm (26 books so far according to his chart) and playing piano. Last week he figured out part of the tune to Linus and Lucy, the Charlie Brown song all by himself. I was very impressed. He just loves music and can't wait for lessons to start back up in the fall. He also wants to play the trumpet and the guitar - we'll have to see what we can do. Kaitlin can't wait for drama camp in July. She loved doing Peter Pan last year, and this will be another fun year I'm sure.

Charles is so busy with writing. He just finished doing a study guide for Baptist Way Press. I couldn't be more proud of him. He's also got several other projects going that keep him writing until midnight or later many nights. Of course every spare minute he is holding baby Jack or snake hunting with the big kids. The rattle snakes are really bad this year. Charles found one by the church last night and let Jonathan and Kaitlin shoot it with Kaitlin's 22. The blew it to bits of course:)

I am doing very well. I found out this week that I have a genetic disorder called plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1. The plasminogen activator is what tells our blood to break up clots, so I have something inhibiting the activator from communicating that. This is in combination with the lupus anticoagulant that they already found. Since I have two risk factors, the combination provides an increased risk for coronary disease, DVT (blood clots) and stroke. The answer is fairly simple (although a pain in the butt) - blood thinners and weekly blood tests (at least for a while, hopefully eventually every two weeks). I had my first blood test today and my levels are much too low, so for the weekend I will be on shots and pills and get retested on Monday.

Pray for me to adjust quickly to this new medicine. The risk factors of the medicine scare me almost as much as the risks of not taking it. Also please pray for Jack to sleep through the night soon. I am so tired.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A few recent pictures

Kaitlin is such a big helper. She loves to burp him and rock him after he eats. I could just kiss both of them to pieces. By the way - how much more beautiful can this sweet gal get?

This was a very sweet moment I caught between Charles and Jack tonight.

Here is our little miracle. Tuesday the hemotologist reminded us what a miracle it is that he even survived the first few weeks of pregnancy considering my condition. Thank you God that you made plans for Jack Beauregard, and that we are blessed enough to be a part of them!

Nana and Paw Paw are visiting this weekend. I hope to take some pictures I can add to the blog tomorrow. We went to Abilene today for some shopping, eating and bowling. We had a great time and really enjoyed our time together.