Friday, February 18, 2011

Overdue Updates

Charles just finished writing his latest series of Sunday School lessons for B*ptist W*y Pr*ss. That deadline approaching kept him very busy (including a computer crash that was nearly a disaster...the computer never recovered, but his documents did, so we go on!). He has just started a self study on Theological German. Work and visitations keep him pretty booked up, but when he isn't writing, working on a sermon, translating or studying - he is hanging out with US! Oh and he just turned 32 on Feb 1st:)
Lisa dawn:
You can see what I'm doing by reading everyone's updates. They all keep me busy! (And house work isn't very interesting to read about)
Kaitlin seems to be busy all the time. She is currently doing little dribblers (Charles is her coach) and will start softball soon. She just brought home an all A report card. She is a hard worker and a great student. She loves making videos and is always coming up with new ideas. Some of our technology malfunctions have caused us not to be able to make any new video to share, but maybe soon. She is awesome with Jack, and I don't know what I'd do with out her. She is HILARIOUS and I just love hanging out with her!
Our piano man - learning so much I can't keep up! He has a concert and guild auditions in May, so he is busy getting ready for those. He is reading like crazy - 4th and some 5th grade level books (which the girl he likes at school thinks is so awesome). He still loves dinosaurs and now he is reading non-fiction books to learn more about them. He also brought home an all A report card yesterday. Just look at his face in the picture above. My kids are HILARIOUS!
Jack is pulling up on everything. Bumping his head occassionally - just the age we are at. He can ROAR like a dinosaur, raise his arms for SO BIG and plays peek a boo! He giggles all the time and grins when he is trying to get away with things. He's gorgeous and of course HILARIOUS and loves to dance in the kitchen with his Mommie and Daddy! Our little miracle.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday morning waffles

I said, "Say Waffles!" and this is the face I got from Jonathan!

I love the cheerio stuck on your chin look!
Charles has a wonderful tradition of making waffles on Saturday morning. This Saturday I snapped a few pictures
Today was a wonderful birthday:
Tons of birthday wishes
The first 4 seasons of Bewitched (and a chance to watch them under the covers on the couch) from my hubbby
Lunch at one of my favorite restraunts and then coffee and one of my favorite coffee places - where they just happened to have a drink special called the "Charlie Brown" (which I of course ordered)
I really had a wonderful day!

Birthday Date

We had a wonderful child free date Saturday. We went to Paint Your Own Pottery and made a special plate (for our dinner time tradition), went out to eat and for coffee and went to the mall. I'll upload the pictures from my iphone soon.

31 Years Old

This is what I looked like the day I turned 31

Friday, February 4, 2011

Face of Jack

Another picture you will recognize if you have been to my house. I have one of these for Kaitlin Jonathan, Zelda and Lucille.

Rubber Ducky

I decided to recreate a series of pictures I did with Jonathan at this age. They are still hanging in our hallway! I have already looked at these over and over - I love them. Here are the three that are most like the ones of Jonathan:) Enjoy.