Friday, November 6, 2009

let's talk

I know that I have so much to tell you. Many of you aren't even sure what's been going on the last few weeks. I will try to fill you in here at least some. I have to say before I even start that I am immeasurably thankful right now - for my health, my be home... for my family, friends and community for the incredible support they have shown our family.
Two and a half weeks ago I started having pain in my lower back. I thought that I had pulled a muscle, because I had been throwing up so much (I had even spent a night on IVs in the hospital, because I was so dehydrated.) Of course I didn't get to tell any of you in any of the fun, creative ways I had imagined, but most of you already know that we are expecting a baby in early June. I could barely walk and spent 24/7 on a heating pad or ice pack.
By Sunday, October 25th, I had taken all I could. I hadn't slept in days and the pain was excruciating. We decided it might be my kidney, so we headed to the ER. That was the day we planned to make our big announcement to the church. Charles went ahead and announced our special news by saying a thank you prayer for our new baby Sunday morning even though I was not there. Luckily my mom was here at that time.
Monday, the doctor (my OBGYN) decided to check me into the hospital in Hendrick to deal with the kidney infection and kidney stones that we thought I had (the ER doctor diagnosed this and my dr agreed). Tuesday night my left leg began to swell to about 3-4 times its normal size. Within a few hours they had done a doppler and properly diagnosed my problem as 3 blood clots in my left leg. The doctor told us that it was a life/death situation. I was in extreme risk of having a pulmonary embolism. We've never been so scared. For a solid week I lay still in bed with constant medication for pain and nausea. Twice a day I have been given blood thinner shots in my abdomen to reduce the danger. Those will continue for at least a year.
Finally, the swelling began to improve and slowly the pain eased. This past week, we have focused on me re-learning to walk and get around. I am using a walker and improving every single day. Yesterday the doctor decided that I can continue my recovery at home. I am so thankful to be home where I can rest and be with my family!!!
The other question many people have is "What now?" Well, as I said we are expecting a full recovery. I am already doing better faster than they expected. Charles and I have both been trained to do the Lovenox shots here at home, and physical therapy sent me home with a list of things to do every day. This is something I will always be at risk for now, so I will have regular check ups. For a while, my travel will be limited, just because being in a car for a long period of time puts me at risk for clotting - especially as I get bigger over the next few months.
The best question - "How's the baby?" They did a sonogram before I left the hospital and the baby looked great. Fingers and Toes have formed and the baby was very active at the time of the sonogram. The sonogram technician even thinks she saw a little something between the baby's legs! I'm only 11 weeks, but I could clearly see it as well. I won't be buying anything blue until I get a confirmation, but it does look like another precious boy is in our future:) I was keeping the name a secret until I am sure, but Charles has leaked it to a few people already;)

Last question I can think of - "visitors?" I do think I can handle visitors now. At the hospital we asked for visits to be limited b/c I was in a very humbled state due to limited mobility. Also I was throwing up around the clock. I lost 11 pounds while I was there. However, I am dressed (although it takes much longer to do right now) and sitting on the couch here in the living room, and I am able to get to the restroom with my walker. Also, Charles' mother has come to help until Tuesday.
Today I am going to try to rest and get a few things done from here at my computer.

Thank you all SO much for your prayers, support and help with anything we've needed. We couldn't have gotten through this time without our family, friends and community. Thank You So Much!