Friday, June 27, 2008

And this is not normal - or ok?

Kaitlin saw this and was so scared she couldn't speak. She just kept pointing and then making a big circle with her hands. We thought snake. Finally she got out spider. I was not expecting this guy. Thank goodness Charles and his broom were there!

Why is this normal?

Apparently he gets better reception up there.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to Drive a Baptist to Play the Lottery - 101

We got a $1000 bill for Kaitlin's teeth today!!!! Say what??? This was covered by insurance - apparently not! Long story, but now we have one more thing to add to the pile. Please excuse the last months "life is crap" theme that this blog seems to have taken. I know my loving readers are not accustomed to such, but bear with us!
We are now paying school bills (on credit) for hours that will count toward nothing, student loans for C who is now out of school, karate which we cannot afford gas to go to and obviously the van and car troubles don't help (and we have tried getting out of this - still trying...anyone ever gotten out of a gym commitment? if so...HELP), hospital bills that seem to come daily right now (one was even $2.20 - just spot us the 20 cents?), needing a new vaccume (yes, the other one is now in the dumpster), a $1000 teeth bill for my daughter, my braces............
I know this doesn't seem like much to all of you guys, but I ask for prayer for these things regarding all of the above:
1. That Charles and I will not become enemies or play the blame game (when there is no blame to be laid here.)
2. That I will not be a nag (since mostly ladies read my blog, you will get this.)
3. That we will trust in God to provide now as he always has.
4. That God will continue to guide us through our part of getting through this. I will sub in fall. Charles is going to write SS literature, etc.
5. Off the subject and I don't know details, but the S. family is about to adopt/bring home a brand new baby girl. Please pray for them.
6. For God's guidance in our future plans (post Charles' graduating with his MDiv)

I feel like so much has been taken away this month. Our sweet baby that I already miss so much - even though we never got to meet. My plans of graduating from SFA with a teaching degree (and doing post bacc cert). The time I took away from my family for classes that probably aren't going to count toward anything. I am just struggling through here....

But know this - God is good ALL THE TIME. Let me tell you about me and my Heavenly Father! We go waaaaaaay back. He and I go back to the days that Charles and I made no money and lived in a paper sack on the side of the road and ate ferns (or something like that). He and I go waaaay back to when I bled for 18 months straight and half my hair fell out and I weighed 109 pounds and I could barely get up in the morning. He and I go waaaaay back to so many "I don't know how we'll make it" times. God and I have a history together. I know Him. I trust Him. I am not afraid. Frustrated!!!! but not afraid. For I know my God has plans for us that will work to His glory - and I am ok with that! I will praise Him even now, because I know that He will not let the oil in our lamp burn out. I will praise the Father who has promised never to leave me or forsake me - and He has kept that promise. God is good ALL THE TIME. All the time GOD IS GOOD.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

*Pulling My Hair Out*

Do you want the good news first or the bad news?

Good news: I made the president's list last semester. Randomly enough they mail that info to your home town newspaper, and it was in bold print here last week. Fancy that.

Bad news: After an e-mail to my advisor (the second one, because she doesn't ever respond the first time), I got this:

In your email, you mentioned graduating with a BA degree because you are not doing student teaching. Lisa, that is not an option is this program. The degree is a BSIS (Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies) and all students in this program must student teach unless they meet the eligibility requirements to have it deleted. As far as I know, you do not meet that criteria.

I responded showing her where I was told that I could forego student teaching and gain certification post bac. The e-mail was dated in Nov 07 when I was accepted into the program. She said, that they changed that in Feb. 08, and now I can't graduate unless I can student teach in East Texas (obviously not possible). I was never informed of this change. She said, "I can understand why you are confused." Yu-huh!!!
I am every pissed off emotion possible. I have no idea what to do next. Can I just be a SAHM forever and not need school (do not dare lecture me - I know I need my degree). Oh how I dread telling this to my mom and my sister. Do you have any idea how many college hours I have? Do you know how many A's I have that don't count for jack of anything??? Do you know I can't win for loosing right now? I am totally defeated...totally worthless... and about to be 30 without a college degree (again - no lectures - I'm pissed off and defeated here!) Do you know I am finishing this art class from Hades right now and it might not count for anything if I transfer schools again? I have 4 semesters of spanish that aren't counting - let's just add to the pile! I have enough hours to equal a degree, but nothing that gives me a degree! How's that for C-R-A-P! If one more thing rips, tears or breaks - I am going to go bald!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm past update phase. Where was I? I'm back from the most relaxing (needed) week.

I needed to go to a gallery in Tyler for my art class, so we took a little vacation time to go hang with Julie and fam. We went to Starb*cks twice in one day, went to wal-m*art at 11:5 at night, rode go-carts, went to the Discovery Center, got pedicures and just generally hung out. We went to see my Mema, had breakfast with my parents and made it home just in time to unload and make it to a widow supper.

Our van just barely hung in there. Our transmission is slipping. We have our trip to Austin coming up in 11 days. We've got to figure something out. We just got the van out of the shop Monday. My brain might explode. I know its a sorry excuse for an update, but I'm finishing one class and starting another this crazy week.
I already miss my Julie!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OK, Lows First
  1. Our van was towed to the shop today - along with a baggie of leftover bolts and parts. The mechanic told me to wish him luck. I did not take that as a good sign!
  2. Our vacume cleaner blew up. It has been making a burning smell when I run it. I've taken it apart and put it back together several times over the last year. Yesterday I vacumed for about 3 minutes before SMOKE started coming out of the bottom.
  3. The bills are coming in for lab visits and doctor and ER - that sucks
  4. Kaitlin had to go back to the dentist today to have the first half of cavity stuff done - our part is around $300. I was supposed to go with them and hang out at Targ*t to finally get that new swim suit I've been saving my allowance for and now I have a gift card to get a purse to replace my sad most favorite purse that broke - but alas - there were so many dishes I felt like I needed to stay here. Charles had to go, because of the whacko car situation.
  5. It is less than a month till vacation and we have got to get this vehicle situation under control!

Now Highs

  1. I got a present in the mail from my Julie yesterday! First of all - a present in the mail is one of my FAVORITE things. I adore wrapped presents - and these were all polka dot and hot pink and had little cards. Secondly, no one knows how to get me presents like Julie - NO ONE. She gets me the bestest stuff and I just cried and smiled and cried and planned to go to Targ*t with my new gift card.
  2. I got all the dishes done today - really. The rest of the house isn't clean, but ALL the dishes are done - for the moment.
  3. It is less than a month until vacation, and I am so PAST ready to see my fam! This month has been especially difficult. I want my family and I want to get away from my house!

Thank you God for Julie and polka dot wrapping paper with the most wonderful little gifts. Thank you for silver linings and for barely getting by. Thank you for Jessica S. who is so very worthy - she is such an incredible mom, she sews and makes incredible edible creations and holds more things together than I can say grace over. Thank you for Cari who You gifted with the power of encouragement through words. She makes me believe I can be a better mom, and she helps me out more than she'll ever know. Thank you for Mandy and her constant willingness to chat - in all kinds of emotional weather. Thank you for Connie - who has been my friend and my Rotan Mom! Thank you for my husband who must handle me when I am the most fragile. Thank you for my children who can make me happy just by sitting and watching them play slip and slide in the yard. Lord I know that you will provide for all of our needs. I'm not worried - and I am so thankful.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Snake of the Season

Charles killed his first rattle snake of the season tonight. We'll start the count:

The Preacher's Son

Last Week:
Me: Jonathan, what did you learn at VBS today?
Jonathan: Well, first we learned some God song. Then we talked about how the Erups went across the river into Narnia. Bob was there with arms and legs and everyone was dancing. (I asked the teacher - they learned about Moses crossing the Red Sea.)

Me: Jonathan, where was Jesus born?
Jonathan: Abraham

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Charles - Fix It

Charles can do anything - especially if there is a book that can tell him how to do it. So here he is - fix it books and all taking our van completely apart. Here's hoping he can get it back together (notice he has his fingers crossed).

Frog Hunting

It rained - that obviously means frogs will be out and about! What - that isn't the first thing you think after a good rain?
We actually had a tornado touch down less than a mile from our house Thursday. We feel very blessed to have been missed. It took down a few telephone poles and damaged some homes, but it mostly went through fields.
VBS was successful...the van is still overheating (pictures of that to come)...I haven't blogged much lately, and I'm sure you needed a picture fix.
I've had a lot of people ask me how I'm doing lately. Some are just making conversation, but others turn their head to the side and pat me on the shoulder as they say it. To my blog readers that have that look on their face and are wondering how I am doing:
I'm ok. Tomorrow is my first Sunday back at church. Last Sunday we missed because Kaitlin was so sick. I dread all the pats and hugs and concerned people. I know that sounds terrible. I am so thankful for such a loving church family who I know have been praying me through the last two weeks. I just feel like this has all been drawn out so long...the repeated blood tests and crappy doctor's office (which I fired), waiting 2 weeks to face my church family...
I know you have been concerned, and I just wanted to address it. I don't know when I will feel normal. I don't know when certain things will stop making me sad. I don't know when I will want to talk about it. Thank you for your prayers.
Other things to pray for:
1. Charles is thinking of getting a second job for get out of debt purposes (think Dave Ramsey 6 month type deal.)
2. Our van is still overheating. Charles has changed the thermometer thingy and replaced a leaking hose. Now he is trying to get the radiator out. Our van is in pieces outside.
3. I need to get my dang house clean. May seem like an odd prayer request - but nothing is normal now and hasn't been for a month.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sketch Book

My first art assignment was to create a sketch book which I will be using all semester. Here is what I came up with.

An artist, I aint - but I like my cover. The number 1 reason is that my
son thinks it is awesome. He tried his best to imitate what I was doing with the ruler and mixing paints (its oil paint done in the colors of the color wheel although the picture makes some of the colors blend). As he worked, he called himself a scientist. I would love to show you his version, but after he finished - he cut it up to make a "boat".

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thank you's

I haven't written any thank you cards. Maybe I will get around to that tonight if Kaitlin is ok for long enough.
Thank you so much to everyone who has sent food, cards and prayers. I love you all so much.


Monday - Memorial Day, went to Abilene for bloodwork. Saw Prince Caspian
Tuesday - Kait's awards ceremony at school. she got awards for all A's all year, Top First Grade Reader, 2nd place reader in all elementary, a plaque for having above 93 average in all subjects all year. Tuesday night was VBS decoration night. We've done various things for VBS all week.
Wednesday - supposed to be field trip day, but it got rained out. Wednesday night was GA choir concert and badges night. K got 3 badges
Thursday - field trip to May farms
Friday - Last day of school. K had to come home from school sick - she's been throwing up ever since.
Saturday and Sunday - K is having terrible stomach cramps and vomiting. Pray for her. Hopefully we can get into a doctor tomorrow. VBS starts tonight- Charles will be going solo.

Kaitlin finally fell asleep - in the bathtub with no water in the tub. I offered to put her in her bed, but she is finally comfortable. She has probably had 20 baths this weekend. She prefers throwing up in the bathtub (got that from her Aunt).

I started my art summer course this weekend - it is insane. I have to do a sketch journal with drawings and poetry, and make a self portrait, and do still life drawings and make a sketch journal from scratch and paint with oil and water color. Can't I just take a picture of the tree???