Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holidays and Aging

"Peace on Earth Good Will to Men in a One Horse Open Slay Amen!" - Jonathan

Jonathan - You know Sis, I'm 4 years old now.
Kaitlin - Yes, I know. I'm 7.
Jonathan(in his most serious voice) - Man, I hate getting old!

Kaitlin (being oh so silly) - Hark the Larry Angel sings.
Mommie - Larry Angel?
Kaitlin - Of course I know his name is Harold, I'm just being silly.

What my children want for Christmas this year:
a blue guitar (he calls it a piano, but we know what he means)
a bug catcher and magnifying glass
a doll crib
a bug catcher and magnifying glass (this is something they both saw at the book fair)

I think Santa can handle all that;) Especially for such a good little boy and girl.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Few Random Catch Ups

1. Did anyone else realize that we are almost to the middle of December?

2. Most of you who have talked to me about my job know how much I have loved my students and the work that I've been doing with our local after-school program, so you may be surprised to find out that I have decided not to serve there next semester. Charles and I will both be in school full time along with being a full time ministry family and mom and dad of two amazing kiddos. So in order to keep the main thing the main thing, this is the best choice for our family. I am looking forward to having the afternoons free to help Kaitlin with homework and just to hang out and make cookies. :) Also, maybe I can catch up on housework a little bit!

3. I got accepted into the education program at SFA. Isn't that delightful!

4. I encourage you to check out your child's car seat weight limits. The strap on Jonathan's car seat broke this week. I'm not sure what caused it, but I have been heartsick at the thought of that happening during a wreck. We were actually in the city, so I went to pick out a new car seat immediately and found that he is over the weight limit for any of the 5 point harnesses that were offered (at least in that store). He is almost 45 pounds, so he is the weight for a high back booster which really surprised me. I don't know if his weight could have caused the strap to break (especially not having any impact to cause it), but it has certainly made me want to send a shout out to my mom friends to check out their child's seat. Both kids have gotten new car seats this month. I had Kaitlin in a low back booster which she wasn't ready for. She is now sporting a princess covered high back and Jonathan has a nice and easy wipe off type material high back booster. Safety first!

5. I know you are used to receiving a Christmas card from me by now. Well, remember that whole job thing - yep - I'm behind on all sorts of things. I promise, I have them, and I will get them out ASAP!

6. Charles will finish his M-Div in May! 8 years of school...phew...this has been quite a journey!

7. I think I have some pictures to post. I'll see. Charles and I both have a final Tuesday and the ice storm didn't come and cancel school (and work). Phooey! Therefore, I will be study and laundry woman until work time. I might even make it to the shower.

8. There's all the catching up I can think of. So how've you been?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Big Mama's New Boots

Let's not forget my new boots. Aren't they lovely. These long awaited beauties are the height of comfort and my new love. Tennis Shoes Who??? I may never tie again! Take a moment to enjoy them with me. I'd like 3 more pair and pair for each of my children. They have pink fat babies that match in women's and girls. How cute would that be?

Donde Lisa dawn?

Maw and the two young un's , notice that my hair is rolled in shotgun shells.

The young uns up in thar yonder tree

Ah, what could have been...Paw and them thar little critters

The Real Family Photos (the ones that didn't make this year's Christmas Card)

Look at the kid's faces in this picture. You can tell that they do have true red neck in their blood, ya'll!

Here are the kids starting the jelly. Soon after they had to leave the kitchen, because it gets so hot. They played outside with the goats and the fish (they had a funeral for a dead one) and the mule and the dalmation....

These little guys are 4 days old. Another set of twins was born just 30 minutes before we got there. I hate that we missed that! I cannot tell you how badly I wish my sister were coming to Texas right now to see all the baby goats.

This is Lola, the friendly goat

And here are my sweet little red neck chilren. Lol. The dirty faces are eye shadow.

Anytime my friend Sue cannot reach me on IM or phone there is a message waiting for me when I get back..."Donde Lisa dawn???" I bet you've been asking yourself that question if you are a regular blog stalker. I haven't blogged in a while (obviously) and here I show back up with shot gun shells in my hair. Nothin' like some nice red neck pictures to bring me back to you here in blog land. I have so much to catch up on, but so little time. I will leave you with pictures from a fabulous day and a promise to try to catch up some this weekend.

Today we went to the house of some good friends out in the country where we visited with 30 minute old baby goats and made home made jelly! Then we came home and got ready for the local Christmas parade. The theme of our float (following the red neck hot tub from this summer) was red neck Christmas. I didn't get a picture of the entire float, but you can get an idea.