Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time for a Country Song

I have so much to blog. I promise pictures and details of Jonathan's birthday today or tonight. I have lots of pictures and we have had so much fun.
I haven't updated in a while, and I am tempted to write a sad country song right here for you. Charles pointed out that we have all the makings. We found out this week that our van is toast. We got it back for one day and had to take it back only to find out a gasket in the engine blew and it is only good for parts! That is harsh. I love my van. I miss my van. It really stinks! So now we just have to clean it out.
However, the saddest update that I just have not had the heart to give is that our sweet dog Jack was attacked by another dog last Thursday night and past away. I know I will have many people here at the church notice and ask about him, so I'd rather let as many people know this way as I can. We haven't even moved his food bowl yet - so I guess we are just thinking he'll come home soon. Cooper always asks for "woof woof" as soon as he gets here and that was very sad yesterday:( Kaitlin and Charles are taking it the hardest.
Anyway - bad joke here, but have you ever heard what happens when you play country music backwards? The man gets his wife back, his dog back and he stops drinking. Ok, I know that's old, but you needed a joke after that news, right?
Pictures soon.....Jon had a super birthday!

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